KSi Conveyors

In 2000, the founders of KSi Conveyors Inc. developed a patented, cleated belt technology that outperformed conventional augers and conveyors, moving seed at steeper angles and – most importantly – with very little damage to the seed. This technology and focus on seed quality has helped KSi establish a reputation within the industry as the standard for high-quality conveyors and seed handling equipment.

Our goal was to design a conveyor that would outperform conventional augers and conveyors in terms of material flow speed, maximum degree of operation, and have better material handling.  We accomplished this goal with the use of the patented cleated belt that moves seed more efficiently than conventional augers, has the ability to perform at an angle up to 40 degrees and can handle material more gently, resulting in very little material damage.  KSi Conveyors are reliably moving seed all across the globe, in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

This reputation naturally led to the development and design of Bulk Seed Site conveyors and related equipment, including the creation of one of the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly, automation control systems available.

KSi developed standards and procedures early on for managing the process of Bulk Seed Site installation, and we have used that process to implement Bulk Seed Sites all over the United States. Our Bulk Site Specialists offer customers a single-source solution for the purchase, installation and training of all equipment (tanks, conveyors, hoppers, seed treaters and controls) required for a Bulk Seed Site, and then manage the process from beginning to end to ensure customer satisfaction.

KSi has over 66,000 sq feet of production and office space between our two locations in Cissna Park, IL and Sabetha, KS.

KSi strives to design, manufacture, and market material handling equipment of the highest quality. Our equipment is made to transport and protect the quality products of our customers and to be an industry leader through integration of people, product innovation, and technology.

The mission of KSi Conveyors, Inc. is dedication to superior quality of our cleated belt conveyors. We are committed to building trustworthy and respectful relationships, meeting each one of our customer’s needs, supporting our products, and providing our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

Quality and safety are encouraged for continually improving the effectiveness of KSi Conveyors, Inc. We pledge to our employees the same concern and respect within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every customer.

The KSi Conveyors Cleated Belt technology is covered by US Patents # 6,170,646 and 6,675,958.

KSi’s Grain Bin Power Sweep Driven By Belt Conveyor Through Clutch is covered by US Patent #7,544,031

The conveyor installs under the drying floor of a bin to unload the bin from the center. The power sweep is used to complete the bin unloading once it self empties to a point exposing the sweep. The auger style sweep is then engaged from outside the bin, via a clutch mechanism and is driven by the same belt that unloads the grain from the bin. The sweep drives itself into the grain pile to self feed itself and auger grain to the center dump of the bin where the grain belt move it under the floor and outside the bin.

KSi’s SeedPac system is covered by US Patent #7,500,817 Modular Seed Tender.

This list is not exclusive and other technology is patent pending.

KSi is a registered trademark of KSi Conveyors, Inc.