Bulk Seed Systems and Seed Treating Sites

KSi’s Bulk Seed team builds custom bulk seed systems to transport and treat seed on-site and on demand. KSi Bulk Seed Treatment Sites are designed to handle and treat your seed quickly while maintaining seed quality and providing the operator a safe and convenient operating environment.

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KSi’s Automation Systems are completely integrated to control your seed transportation from the Bulk Seed Bins to the Scale Fill Conveyor to the Scale Hopper to the Seed Treater to the Load Out Conveyor to the Seed Delivery to your Customer’s Truck or Seed Tender.


1) Discharge Seed from Bins

You select the seed by standing at a touch screen control panel. No more running around the warehouse in a forklift looking for the right box, no more climbing hoppers to pull strings or levers. KSi’s AutoTreat system opens the correct bin and fills the scale hopper to within 5 lbs of your order.


2) Seed is Treated

With KSi’s AutoTreat, you select the appropriate seed treatment for your customer. KSi ensures that a treater specialist helps you to apply the right seed treatment recipes based on your seed varieties, treatment options, and your customers. Our customer support and service makes sure that your whole system just works: fast, easy, and accurate.  We know how expensive treating seeds can be, that’s why KSi continually strives to develop technology that is the most efficient at applying treatment to seed.


3) Seed is Discharged

Treated seed flows out of the treater and is conveyed into the customers truck or seed tender. KSi Automation ensures that each step is done safely by interlocking each step of the system. With a KSi Automation system, you shouldn’t have clean seed off the floor after a day of treating.

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