Bulk Site Design Process

KSi Bulk Systems designs and builds bulk seed treatment sites that meet each customers individual needs while maintaining the quality, service and safety that KSi Conveyors has been known for over the years. Each bulk seed treatment site is custom designed based on your site and your needs and then engineered by the KSi Sales and Engineer Teams. The following five steps define the process from sales to delivering treated seeds.

The KSi Bulk Seed Treatment Design Process Steps

Free On-Site Planning Consultation

Are you considering building a warehouse? Or thinking about a bulk seed treatment site? We can help you plan and design a warehouse for your seed treating business. A representative from KSi Conveyors will personally visit your seed site at no cost and with no commitment. We will work with you to plan for the proper placement of the building, sufficient sidewall height, and layout a roadmap to your bulk business. Have you considered how many bins / tanks you need, whether you are pulling seed just from the bins / tanks or whether you want to integrate bag, pro-bulk boxes, tru-bulk boxes, or Q-Bits. Our sales and design representative will work with you on laying out your complete system including how you can integrate any existing equipment.

Custom 3-D CAD design based on specific seed site

The KSi representative will then turn the project over to the team of engineers to develop CAD drawings of your site. The engineers will work with you to make sure the site design meets your needs and budget.

Concrete Pads and Bin Installation

Concrete pads will be poured for bins. The bins will be delivered and placed on the concrete pads.

Delivery and Installation of Conveyors

KSi will then deliver and set up the conveyors and any other equipment such as scales, hoppers, or air gates. If your system integrates an Automation Control Panel, you will receive your electrical control panel around this time.


KSi Bulk Systems provides Complete Setup, with trained technician ensuring every part of your system works well.

KSi Bulk Systems provides service and support

KSi stays committed by working with customers to service and support all parts of the bulk seed system.