Custom Design

Each KSi Automation system is designed and engineered to custom fit each individual bulk seed site. Regardless of how many conveyors or bins on the site, and regardless of the layout of the site, KSi Automation is the answer for your bulk seed site.


1) Step One

The Automation design process is started by designing and creating electrical drawings based off of the CAD drawing that is drawn by KSi Engineers. This electrical drawing package is sent to the customer for review.

2) Step Two

Once electrical drawing package passes customer inspection, the project moves into production stage. The panel is assembled based off of the site specific designs. Once panel is built panel is tested and inspected for wiring defects.


3) Step Three

Once panel is built and passes wiring inspection the PLC is programmed, also for the site specific details. After the program is loaded into the PLC KSi runs thorough tests on the panel to make sure that there are no defects either in the programming or with any of the mechanics of the panel. The panel is then shipped to the customer with a full 11 X 17 set of electrical prints for the field electrician and customer.


4) Step Four

Once the panel is delivered and the field electrician has finished the necessary field wiring KSi works with the customer to schedule a startup date. A KSi Automation Technician will then travel to the customers site for 1 day of startup. The Purpose of the startup is to run and test the automation in the field and to go through complete training with the end user. After startup KSi is always available to support questions regarding the use of KSi Automation.