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KSi VariRate (Loss-in-Weight Seed Flow Control)

Product Description

KSi VariRate is a seed flow control solution that is easy, accurate and can be incorporated into any treating system that has a scaling hopper. Using a Variable Position Gate that can repeat-ably find the same position within 1/1000th inch, KSi VariRate is able to accurately deliver the requested seed flow rate. Utilizing a certified scale to measure seed flow by loss-in-weight at a speed of 10 times per second, KSi AutoTreat is then able to accurately apply treatment to the seed.

Tested and proven, KSi VariRate systems are widely used in the seed treatment industry. KSi VariRate customers enjoy easy and accurate seed treatment application, worrying about serving their customers, not about calibration and inaccurate treatment application.


  • Simple to use. KSi VariRate eliminates seed wheel calibration.
  • Switching between seed variety’s does not require a calibration procedure substantially increasing the throughput and efficiency of the system. Chemical rate (oz or mg) applied relates directly to a weight (lbs) of seed. There is no volumetric conversion required which can increase treating accuracy.
  • Space Requirement — fits into any existing system without adding any height.
  • The system is able to immediately sense and respond to seed flow restrictions. The chemical pumps are automatically adjusted to deliver slower treatment flow rates needed due to restriction in seed flow.

KSi AutoTreat with VariRate

  • All the benefits of KSi AutoTreat automation with full integration of loss-in-weight seed flow and liquid flow control (flow meter or loss-in-weight).

KSi VariRate Controller

  • Loss-in-weight seed flow control independent of liquid flow control.
  • Replaces the seed wheel for seed flow control.

Download the KSi Conveyors Varirate Proof of Concept Report.


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