KSi Conveyors, Inc. is a full service manufacturer of conveyors, bulk seed systems, and industrial automation solutions. Our business was built around our industry-leading fast and gentle cleated belt seed conveyor.

Products and Services

Quality Products Moving Quality Product.
  • Automation

    KSi Conveyors custom designs and builds seed transfer and seed treating control panels. KSi Automation allows single-person control of product delivery. The operator inserts seed and treatment information, selects the source, and then presses start. That's all there is to it. Run your system with a single operator and with increased safety.
  • Bulk Seed Treatment Systems

    Eliminate the handling of boxes and bags, running forklifts, and spilling from traditional product transfers. From conception to completion, KSi creates your custom bulk seed treatment site. KSi Bulk Seed Treating Sites are your complete equipment solution for transferring product from delivery trucks, to bins, scale, treater, and to the seed tender.
  • Conveyors

    KSi Conveyors outperform conventional augers and conveyors in the speed of material flow, the maximum degree of operation, and material handle. These advantages are attributed to the patented cleated belt technology. The cleated belt conveyors efficiently move seed at up to a 40 degree angle and handle material more gently.